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NewsBrake launched in 2016 as an independent news startup designed to inform readers of the day’s biggest stories and the latest headlines from around the world. From politics and business to tech and culture, NewsBrake summarizes the most important news and stories you need to know – making you smarter, faster with the information that matters.

Our Principles

At NewsBrake, our work is guided by four defining principles that our readers value…

  • Truth and accuracy – we always strive to get the facts right and work hard to become a source you trust.
  • Fairness and impartiality – we place great importance on impartial, balanced writing and conduct our work without political bias or slant.
  • Brevity and efficiency – we know you’re busy, that’s why we present the day’s most important stories in a concise manner so you know what’s happening faster. 
  • Independence – we are an independent news organization with independent voices. We aren’t affiliated with special interest groups, political parties, or financial backers that could skew our work.

We are always striving to improve, so if you have questions or suggestions for us, reach out by visiting our contact page.