LOSING HOPE: Trump campaign sues 3 states to stop vote counting

The Trump campaign sues Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, to stop ballot counting as the president’s path to 270 electoral votes narrows.


The Trump campaign announced on Wednesday that they are suing the states of Pennslyvania, Michigan, and Georgia, to stop ballot counting on the day after the election as many battleground states continue to tally the unprecedented number of votes.


In the lawsuit filing, the Trump campaign alleges a lack of “access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process,” a violation of state law, according to Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien. In addition, the campaign is also demanding “to review those ballots which were opened and counted.”


By filing this lawsuit, Republicans seek to temporarily suspend vote tallying until they can gain access to overseeing the ballot counting process at locations across each state and “ensure all counting is done above board and by the law,” the lawsuit reads.


The legal action by the Trump campaign comes as the race for president remains tight, but with President Trump’s path to victory dimming following a series of key victories by former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday as state’s continued to tally the surge of received ballots. Aides close to the president are growing nervous about his electoral position as his legal team decided to sue Michigan, for example, while thousands of votes in the state were still not counted.


In many of the uncalled swing states, Trump is currently ahead of Biden in statewide vote totals, but absentee ballots are being tabulated from traditional Democratic strongholds in urban areas. With momentum on his side, Biden is projected to win Wisconsin and Michigan, crucial toss-up states that put the Biden campaign closer to the 270 electoral votes required to win the presidency. Arizona and Georgia remain undetermined for now.


Arizona, Pennslyvania, Michigan, and Georgia were still counting ballots well into the day on Wednesday as Arizona, Pennslyvania, and Georgia remain uncalled for either Trump or Biden as of 7:30 PM ET on November 4. On Wednesday evening, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was declared the victor over Michigan’s 16 electoral votes, a critical win for the Biden campaign which narrow’s the path for President Trump to secure a second term.


Former Vice President Biden edges closer to winning the White House in 2021 as vote counting on Wednesday gave him important wins, slowly gaining on the 270 electoral votes required to obtain the presidency.


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