Trump’s official visit to the UK, new details in Virginia Beach mass shooting, and tech companies face antitrust probe

President Trump makes his first official state visit to the U.K. amid protests, new details emerge about the gunman behind Friday’s mass shooting in Virginia Beach, federal regulators launch antitrust probe in tech companies, and much, much more.


Good evening, it’s Monday, June 3rd, here’s what you need to know…


1. Trump’s official state visit to the UK


President Donald Trump’s began his three-day official state visit to the United Kingdom on Monday, which was subject to much controversy and debate in the U.K. in the weeks leading up to the visit. During the first day of President Trump’s visit, he was greeted by members of Britain’s royal family in a lavish welcome ceremony and took part in a tea with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace ahead of an evening state banquet. Tomorrow, Trump is set to meet with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May for breakfast and hold talks at 10 Downing Street which will be followed by scheduled remarks. President Trump’s visit was met with thousands of protests in London and across the U.K. in objection to his visit. Before arriving in the country, Trump tweeted insults toward London Mayor Sadiq Khan who denounced the president’s “divisive” rhetoric and criticized his “far-right” tendencies and values. In addition, just before departing for Britain, Trump referred to Duchess Meghan Markle as “nasty” when he learned of critical comments she made about the then-presidential candidate in 2016. This is not Trump’s first trip to the U.K. as president, he previously visited in July 2018, but that trip was classified as a “working visit” and was not marked with the formalities of the president’s latest visit.



2. Gunman in Virginia Beach mass shooting submitted resignation before rampage


DeWayne Craddock, the gunman behind Friday’s mass shooting in Virginia Beach that left 12 people dead, placed his two-weeks notice with his employer hours before opening fire on his colleagues. Craddock, 40, worked as a civil engineer for the city of Virginia Beach for 9 years and sent his bosses an email announcing that he was quitting for “personal reasons.” The two-sentence email read: “I want to officially put in my (2) weeks’ notice. It has been a pleasure to serve the city, but due to personal reasons, I must relieve my position.” Investigators are looking at any possible motives while city officials say there was no indication that Craddock had planned to open fire at the Virginia Beach municipal building. He carried two .45-caliber handguns, extended magazines, and a suppressor as authorities say he fired “indiscriminately.” The suspect was killed in a shootout with police after killing 12 government workers, including two supervisors, and injuring four others.


3. Major tech companies face antitrust probe


On Monday, the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission were revealed to be launching a broad antitrust investigation into major tech companies, reviewing possible violations and whether there is adequate competition in the technology space. The House Judiciary Committee also announced that they plan to hold hearings related to the investigation in a rare bipartisan move. While the announcement didn’t name any specific companies, the probe will almost certainly look at Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple – companies that have all garnered scrutiny for being “too big” and having “too much” market dominance in the wake of numerous scandals. The news caused shares of the tech behemoths to fall in price on Monday afternoon upon the news, but the aims of the federal probe remain uncertain. While the investigation is unlikely to result in the breakup of any of America’s largest technology companies, it may lead to reforms in the industry and greater restrictions being placed on large acquisitions or overall business practices in the future.



4.  12 million affected in data breach of Quest Diagnostics


Quest Diagnostics, the clinical laboratory that conducts medical and diagnostics testing services, announced on Monday that nearly 12 million patients may have had their personal information compromised in a massive data breach. The information was potentially compromised after one of Quest Diagnostics’ billing collections providers, American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), reported a possible data breach. The exposed information may include patients’ Social Security numbers, credit card information, financial data, and other medical information, “but not laboratory test results,” Quest Diagnostics said in a statement. AMCA notified Quest of the data security incident on May 14 and later told the company that about 12 million patients may have had their information exposed. Quest said that they are unable to verify AMCA’s information, but are looking into the incident and will notify all patients affected by the data breach.



5. Remains of missing Texas girl found


The remains of missing 4-year-old Maleah Davis from Texas have been found, according to Houston police on Monday. The girl’s remains were positively identified after being found scattered along an Arkansas highway by a work crew last week. The little girl’s body was inside a garbage bag that had been dumped 330 miles from where she vanished in Houston, Texas. Maleah was missing since early May after her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Derion Vence, said he was attacked by a group of men after pulling his car over on the side of the road to check his tire. He claimed that he was knocked unconscious and woke up to find Maleah missing. Police grew suspicious after Vence’s story appeared inconsistent with surveillance video and other physical evidence, charging him on suspicion of tampering with a corpse. He later confessed to a community activist that he dumped Maleah’s body along the interstate, authorities learned. Vence will likely be charged with murder as the girl’s cause of death has not yet been released.



6. Chicago’s most violent weekend in 2019


The city of Chicago faced its most violent weekend so far this year, with 52 people reportedly shot, including 10 who were killed. The news came after authorities announced a 9% decrease in crime compared to the same time period in 2018. In an effort to combat the weekend crime uptick, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson ordered law enforcement to patrol several areas that experienced numerous gang-related incidents since Friday. The increased police presence resulted in 18 arrests and 92 guns to be seized. New Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is believed to be considering a replacement for Johnson, but a decision has reportedly not been made. Overall, the murder rate in Chicago has been on the decline for the past two years with 200 fewer homicides reported in 2018 than in 2016.



7. Farewell, iTunes


Apple is making some big changes as the tech giant announced on Monday, that iTunes will be shutting down as Apple focuses more on streaming than music downloads. Apple released iTunes over 18 years ago, on January 9, 2001, and forever revolutionized the way that the world finds, buys, and listens to music. The company will be breaking up iTunes into three distinct apps called Music, TV, and Podcasts – similar to how they appear on iOS for iPhones and iPads. The announcement came during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, in which privacy was a central focus as they unveiled iOS 13, a new Mac Pro, and a new operating system for the iPad called iPadOS to be released this fall.



8. The first hip-hop billionaire: Jay-Z


Jay-Z has become the first billionaire hip-hop artist, according to Forbes. The business magazine announced that Jay-Z’s stake in his own Tidal music streaming service, investments in companies like Uber, various liquor deals, real estate portfolio, and art collection are responsible for pushing the Brooklyn-born rapper to a fortune worth $1,000,000,000. He becomes one of a few entertainers to amass such a fortune and is the fifth African-American billionaire. The rapper bested other accomplished music icons such as Sean P. Diddy Combs and Andrew “Dr. Dre” Young in the race to billionaire status.


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